Testing VivExilis for What It Claims To Be

Unless you have been living under a rock, weight loss supplements could not have escaped your notice even if you may be well within your weight limits and may not be requiring them. Whether it is the billboard occupying the corner of the street or the Internet, weight loss supplements are usually splashed all over with each one claiming to be a miracle derived from natural sources and definitely better than its counterparts. And what is even better is that now even the user knows enough not to believe every word about these products.

When VivExilis hit the market, my reaction towards it was very much the same as it is towards other diet pills, namely that of disbelief and mistrust. After having seen so many products go by making tall claims and delivering little except severe medical issues, you really cannot be blamed for viewing these with a fair amount of doubt and contempt. But this product did turn out to be different than most – in fact whoever used it did report as having experienced weight loss without any of the usual side effects which was indeed surprising.

Intrigued that I was with all the positive reports pertaining to VivExilis, one day I decided to explore this supplement in depth so as to find out the truth underlying the positive reviews and more importantly, the product’s authenticity. To check a product as thoroughly, the best way is to read the list of ingredients printed on its label and carry the investigation from there on. On doing so with VivExilis, the first fact about it which you will come to know is that it has one principle ingredient which has traditionally been a time-tested agent for weight loss.

Garcinia Cambodgia is the name of the fruit that makes up most of VivExilis. For those of you who are hearing this name for the first time, it is a pale green pumpkin-like fruit that grows in India, Indonesia and certain part of South-East Asia. Owing to its natural sourness, it is considered parallel to tamarind and hence is often used for flavoring gravies and ethnic dishes. Just because it is sour, does it imply that the fruit has to be effective as a weight loss agent?


VivExilis consists of a lot of all natural ingridients as well known Garcinia Cambogia, Caralluma Fimbriata, Fucoxanthin, etc. Producer insists on right and big amount of each active ingridient so it will work fast and effective.


Capsules are good for vegetarian and vegan consumers. Are big capsules, but can be opened and taken inside with water.

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There are no common side effects mostly because pills don’t contain any allergens, they are GMO free, shellfish free and have no coffee or ephedra. These ingridients are common to cause side-effects and there is none of them.

Actually there is more to the story than that – Garcinia Cambodgia is laden with hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and it is this substance that triggers the weight loss mechanism. Once it enters the human body, it has been found to act by blocking the production of an enzyme that manufactures fat by converting sugar. Having this enzyme blocked implies no more sugar being converted into fat and hence no more extra weight to carry around.

For a substance to be able to act so strongly, is it safe for consumption? In fact long before the extract of Garcinia Cambodgia was born, people in Asian countries began to use this fruit while preparing ethnic curries for two reasons. Firstly, it added a touch of sourness to the dish and secondly it aided in digestion. Since the fruit was obtained directly from nature, there was no question of it being adulterated with chemicals and thus the possibility of side effects was completely ruled out.

Of course, the next question that would come to your mind is whether the same purity translates into VivExilis. This is where the label plays an important role and reading it reveals that while Garcinia fruit extract is the predominant ingredient, others that are present in miniscule quantities are totally vegan in nature. There is no mention of sugar, ephedra, yeast or anything artificial in terms of coloring or preservatives which means that any substance that could disrupt the inner functioning of the body has already been excluded. As far as the vegan ingredients are concerned, they are too mild in nature to have any long-term medical impact.

All of this points to the fact that VivExilis is definitely safe when it comes to side effects and if taken as per instructions, it does lead to weight loss in the least invasive manner. It also goes on to prove that this weight loss pill is more genuine as compared to its counterparts not to mention that taking it does not cause any harm even if there is no noticeable loss of weight.

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