Is Belviq Truly Effective for Weight Loss?

Are you one of those who are desperate to lose a few pounds without taking too much trouble in terms of physical exercise and diet control? If yes, then surely you must be going online time and again to check if there is a new diet pill in the market that could serve your purpose and end up reading reviews in multiple forums.

One of the names that you must have come across is Belviq and sure enough reviews on it must have convinced you that it is indeed the best diet pill so far. However, something that you must learn to question is whether these reviews are genuine or do they sound like paid testimonials? In fact if you take a closer look at some of them, they do seem a trifle too good to be true. For example, while reading reviews on Belviq you would find most of them telling you how effective it is not to mention absence of any side effects. Is this actually true? Read this article further and find out for yourself.

To begin with you must be aware of what Belviq is all about. As per the research, this pill is supposed to cause weight loss the neurological way, meaning by influencing certain elements in your brain. Suppose you swallow one pill of Belviq, it will release chemicals within your body that will tell your brain to generate serotonin. More of serotonin implies that you will feel satisfied and hence stay away from food, thus losing weight in the process. While it sounds simple, whether it is the same actually is what this article aims to examine.

Let us start by viewing the product from its manufacturing company’s perspective. Arena Pharmaceuticals is the firm that has been formulating Belviq and what you must know is that this pill was rejected by FDA when it was submitted for approval for the first time in 2010. The reason was the long legacy that diet pills carry in terms of health problems. FDA had realized over the years that diet pills often interfered with normal functioning of the body to cause weight loss. Along the way, they interfered with other internal organs too like heart, liver and the digestive system, often leading to severe medical conditions.

lorcaserin hydrochloride

Lorcaserin affects chemicals in the brain that affect appetite. Lorcaserin may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Can cause severe side effect being 100% chemical substance.


Small round pills in blue color with letter A and digit 10 on sides. Can be easily swallowed.


The most common side effects of BELVIQ include:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • dry mouth
  • constipation
  • Depression or thoughts of suicide.
  • Decreases in your blood cell count
  • Slow heart beat
  • etc.
  • cough
  • low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in patients with diabetes
  • back pain

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In case of Belviq, the FDA found evidence of same health concerns and hence rejected it. Subsequently this diet pill received approval in 2012 but fears about its safety have still not been totally dispelled, mainly because it impacts serotonin levels in the brain. Anyone who does even a bit of research on the Internet would discover that drugs that increase or decrease serotonin levels are usually strong and are prescribed for treating psychotic problems like depression. Therefore, while you might be consuming Belviq for losing your appetite, it is advisable to be prepared for several other unwanted results.

With the level of serotonin fluctuating in the brain, you are bound to experience a change in the way you behave, think and perceive your surroundings. At times you might feel very elated and at other times you will be completely down in dumps. What is even more scary is the fact that it is not proven whether there will be a loss of appetite – sometimes even the opposite reaction is triggered and you end up craving even more for food.

Another issue with Belviq concerns your heart. Diet pills and heart problems have been known to go hand-in-hand for several years now and Belviq seems to be no different from its predecessors. Although the manufacturing company has been excused from keeping track of heart related issues with Belviq users, it has been asked to check at regular intervals if any incident might have occurred. Personally, this in itself should sound warning bells in your head that all is not as pleasant as it appears to be. Once you suffer from a heart issue, it is bound to bother you lifelong, particularly if it concerns the valve as has been reported in case of Belviq.

Then there is the bottom line that Belviq should not be taken by women who are pregnant. In my opinion, this actually puts a question mark on Belviq’s authenticity because it indicates that the pill’s contents are dangerous enough to cause damage to an unborn baby. If it can harm a fetus, it is capable of harming a normal individual too.

Overall, I would suggest that taking Belviq for losing weight is not such a good idea because it could mean creating another unwanted health problem while not losing as much weight. Surely you must explore other alternatives too which could cause you to lose weight without causing damage to other internal organs of your body or drastic changes in your mood.

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