Diet Pill Plexus Slim: Dieting Wonder or Multi-Level Marketing Scheme?

With the ever-increasing glut of dieting products on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which ones actually work and which ones are just hyped. To make matters even more confusing for consumers, there is little Federal oversight in the area of dietary supplements. Moreover, most of these companies can point to few if any independent studies verifying their claims. How then is the average consumer supposed to judge any supplement’s effectiveness or safety? In this Plexus Slim review, we’ll try to help answer those basic questions.

Plexus Slim is a powdered dietary drink made by Scottsdale Arizona’s Plexus Worldwide Inc. The product has gained some renown and even has a nickname: the “Pink Drink.” It also has something that few other dietary supplement offerings can boast: Ambassadors. Now these are not company representatives appointed to serve in the capitals of foreign nations – they’re an entirely different kind of ambassador altogether. These Ambassadors are actually marketing reps for the company, and many host their own sites where they too sell the Pink Drink.

That was one of the first things that many critics took note of: the company appears to use some variation of a multi-level marketing scheme, with their ambassadors providing many of their most glowing reviews. That is somewhat atypical for the industry, which is more than enough to serve as cause for skepticism.

Where Plexus Slim side effects are concerned, it would seem there are more than a few. In other Plexus Slim reviews, users report effects such as heartburn and nausea, dizziness, low-intensity headaches, nervousness, and even unexplained chest pains. Now, some of those effects are mild enough to be of little concern, but dizziness and chest pains are never anything to be taken lightly!


Plexus Slim does not provide the amounts of all of the individual ingredients. Plexus claims that chlorogenic acid from green coffee extract is one of Plexus Slim’s primary active ingredients. In 2011, researchers from the University of Exeter  examined it. According to the study a very light fat brning effect was detected.

plexus drink

PlexusSlim is a powder that you can make into a drink. It s a pink drink, probably with soe artificial dyestuff.


Side effect that ay occur:

  • Heartburn
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Constant Dull Headache
  • Dizzyness
  • Dull Chest pain

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Plexus Slim ingredients might help to explain some of these side effects. Those ingredients include things like chromium – one of those trace minerals that so many supplement companies rave about. What does chromium do? Well, it’s typically used for things like diabetes, since it can help to balance blood sugar. How does that translate to weight loss? No one seems to know, but that doesn’t stop the company behind Plexus Slim from boasting of its presence in their formula.

Then there are things like Arabica extract, garcinia cambogia, and alpha lipoic acid. Most of the other ingredients are for either color or taste, and hardly merit a mention. While there are reviews citing studies for some of these components, there are no citations to verify their evidence. As a result, it is difficult to take such claims seriously.

We could find no lawsuits related to this product at the present time, but there is at least one formal complaint from the FDA regarding a mislabeled product on the company’s website. While that issue does not necessarily mean that the company’s claims about Plexus Slim are false, it does at least suggest a lack of concern for basic truth. Along with the marketing scheme and lack of real evidence of serious studies done on the product, this incident calls into question all of the company’s claims.

In short, there is simply not enough reliable information to enable this reviewer to conclude that this product is what it says it is. To be honest, there is always a small chance that it might actually be everything its makers claim and more. The available evidence, however, suggests something else entirely. It looks, at least on the surface, as though this is a company more concerned with creating revenue opportunities for itself and its ambassadorial affiliates than in providing real weight loss solutions for its customers.

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