An Unvarnished Look at the Diet Pill Zantrex3

When it comes to losing weight, there’s no shortage of companies promising results that seem nothing short of miraculous. Among the many popular weight loss trends in recent years is the so-called “diet pill” – a term that includes many different products with a dizzying variety of ingredients and formulations. One popular brand is the Zantrex3 line of diet pills from Zoller Industries. In this Zantrex3 review, we’ll examine this product’s claims of effectiveness and attempt to discover whether it is everything its manufacturer says it is.

To begin with, there is not a lot of manufacturer information about this product – at least not on the product’s website. Instead, the site is little more than a marketing piece designed to promote the pills. Little attention is given to actually educating consumers about the product or its ingredients. While that fact is not necessarily a red flag of any kind, it should at least give consumers pause.

The list of Zantrex3 ingredients used in their formulations can be found elsewhere, however. And while there is at least one ingredient that has been noted as potentially beneficial for weight loss, most have not. Take Yerba mate extract, for example: derived from a South American tree, this extract does have some research that suggests that it can help with managing weight.

On the other hand, ingredients like damiana, guarana seeds, kola seeds, and the other substances in this formulation have no scientific evidence to back up their use as weight loss tools. Some, like caffeine, actually have a number of side effects when taken in the dosages usually used in these types of supplements. More importantly, it is almost impossible to accurately test any claims of effectiveness, since the actual blend of these ingredients is proprietary, and researchers would not even know which dosage to study!

So, while there is an absence of studies demonstrating these ingredients’ effectiveness, there is no shortage of reports related to Zantrex3 side effects. These effects include:

  • Irritation and increased anxiety
  • Feelings of nausea
  • Tremors, muscle twitches
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Disrupted sleep patterns

Damiana is only one of the claimed ingredients. It was only tested on animals. Unfortunately, we do not know how much of each ingridient is there and cannot say wich is the active one. But most of them contain caffeine.


Zantrex 3 is blue pills with tha black letter on it “ZOLLER”. Their size is big. If you have some issues about the size of pills it may be difficult to swallow these. There is no information about opening them.


Side effects by Customers feedback:

  • Irritation and increased anxiety
  • Feelings of nausea
  • Tremors, muscle twitches
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Disrupted sleep patterns

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What Zantrex3 Claims To Do:

The basic strategy that Zantrex3 apparently employs is twofold: 1) increase your energy levels – something which it accomplishes with abnormally high levels of caffeine; and 2) enhance the thermic effect – a term that apparently relates to the way your body uses energy during the digestive process.

In other words, these pills are designed to rev your engines up with caffeine, and then increase the amount of energy you burn while eating food. That combination of effects should then burn more calories than you would ordinarily burn. Here’s the thing, though: the manufacturer’s caveat on their website says the following:

“Use in conjunction with any sensible diet and exercise program.”

Anyone with even a smidgen of common sense understands that the combination of healthier eating and regular exercise is the best way to lose weight. So, if these pills can actually do what they say they can do, why would it matter what you ate? You should be able to eat cookies and cakes all day long and still lose weight, right? But you cannot do that. The manufacturers openly acknowledge that your dietary and activity habits have to change.

But if you change those things on your own, then you would lose weight anyway – and not need the pills.

The silliest part of the whole thing is that the company claims that their pills – in combination with clean eating and exercise – can help you lose five or six pounds the very first months. Well, the fact is that you can accomplish that weight loss goal just by cutting your calories by five or six hundred calories a day, without ever touching one of their pills.

Other Zantrex3 reviews have taken note of some of the lawsuits leveled against the manufacturer for false advertising. While that history is certainly relevant to some, it probably merits only a passing mention here given the flimsiness of the evidence in support of the claims made by this manufacturer.

The bottom line is simple: can you lose weight while taking these pills? Of course you can. However, you can only lose weight if you make the necessary lifestyle changes recommended by the pills’ maker. And, since you could lose the same amount of weight just by making those changes, it would seem that the pills offer little if any added benefit to that process.

And certainly not enough to outweigh the caffeine-related side effects. Our recommendation: follow the manufacturer’s advice on diet and exercise, and skip these pills. That money could be better spent on a new exercise outfit, food scale, or shoes.

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