Does Lipozene Do all it Claims?


When you read the average diet pill review online, each one seems to be a miracle cure of some kind. Take the average Lipozene review, for example. Almost all of them rave about how the user lost more weight than ever before while using this product. That sounds great, right? Still, many of those reviews read like paid promotional pieces rather than the type of real, anecdotal reports you would receive from real users of the pills. Some even raise more questions than they answer.

For those unfamiliar with Lipozene, those questions can be magnified when you see you Lipozene reviews that report no side effects, ridiculous amounts of weight being shed, and similar over-the-top claims. In this review, let’s take a good look at these pills, their ingredients, and how well they actually work.

First of all, Lipozene is one of those fiber-based products that emphasize additional fiber intake as the key to suppressing hunger. The theory behind these products is that when your stomach feels fuller, your appetite is suppressed. When your appetite is suppressed, you eat fewer calories. And when you eat fewer calories, you drop weight. In theory, that is correct. In theory, that is.

In practice, however, there are some holes in that theory. The first is the notion that a suppressed appetite always leads to eating fewer calories. That is only true if the foods you are ingesting contain fewer calories than you previously consumed. It is entirely possible to eat less and still consume more calories if you mistakenly believe that some miracle diet pill is going to deal with those calories for you. You may just choose to eat more fast food, or high calorie snacks – trusting that the Lipozene is taking care of everything for you.

The second problem with that theory involves the way this product works. Like other fiber-based solutions, this one requires you to take the pills and then drink plenty of water. Water activates the glucomannan in the pills, causing the fiber to expand and take up more space in your stomach. Now here is where the diligent dieter might get confused: studies have demonstrated that drinking sixteen ounces of water before a meal can dramatically reduce the amount of calories you consume.

Yes, water alone acts as an appetite suppressant.


Glucomannan is a natural fiber that comes from the konjac root. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber, meaning it dissolves in water and becomes soft and gel-like in your intestines. Lipozene maintains that this feeling of fullness will help you to decrease your food intake.

lipozene pill

Big blue pills. If you have some issues about the size of pills it may be difficult to swallow these. There is no information about opening them.

lipozene box1

Can cause serious side effects:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Allergic reaction

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Anyone who understands that fact might wonder why he or she needs the Lipozene in the first place, when the water that the pills require for full activation can suppress appetite even without the supplements.

The same holds true for the food side of the equation. One cannot take Lipozene, eat high calorie foods consistently, and still expect to lose weight. You have to eat healthy meals, just as you would with any diet plan. And if you did that without the pills, you would almost certainly lose weight naturally.

And then there are the reported Lipozene side effects. It’s more difficult to find mention of these, since the company certainly doesn’t promote knowledge about such things, but they are clearly problematic for many people. They include constipation, bloating, flatulence, fatigue, and muscle weakness. Some of these effects are due to the nature of the fiber that is being ingested – problems which seldom accompany natural fibers such as fruits and vegetables – while others are related to the alteration in diet. None are pleasant.

That constipation issue might come as a surprise to anyone who understands that dietary fiber is crucial for regular bowel movements. However, the fact remains that too much fiber can be harmful too. It can block up your bowels and even cause long-term damage to your colon. These are problems that are typically not experienced by anyone who relies on natural sources of fiber in the diet rather than pills and other fiber supplements.

As for the Lipozene ingredients, the main one is the aforementioned glucomannan, which is basically konjac root. It is a form of fiber that is actually available outside of these and similar pills – and at much less cost. So, anyone who wanted to try this ingredient can do so without paying the costs associated with this product.

Finally, there are the claims themselves – and the reputation of Obesity Research Institute, LLC – the company that markets and sells this and other “weight loss” products. While there are not any official legal challenges to this product yet, it is worth noting that this company was fined by the Federal Trade Commission a decade ago for making misleading claims about other glucomannan products they were selling at the time. Though that is not evidence of any kind that suggests that the current claims about Lipozene are necessarily false, it is something that should be kept in mind by consumers.

The reality is that this product – like many products that claim to produce relatively effort-free weight loss – has to be considered within the context of what it is. Can the addition of extra fiber in your diet make you feel fuller and suppress your appetite? It certainly can, though the introduction of excessive amounts of fiber can have unexpected side effects as well. Can the suppression of appetite cause you to eat less, cut calories, and lose weight? Of course it can, though you can achieve those same results by eating more whole foods and fibrous fruits and vegetables.

In the end, this product may help some people, but it does so at a cost. After all, if you require pills to suppress your appetite and reduce your caloric intake, there is one question that these diet miracle promoters never address with any level of seriousness: how does the weight stay off once you stop taking the pills?

That’s a good question to ponder before you even consider trying these types of products.

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