A Review of the Diet Pill Xenadrine

In this Xenadrine Slim review, we’ll take a look at the diet supplement Xenadrine. It is marketed as a weight loss aid, thought the company is careful to note that it is the various ingredients and not the product itself that has been demonstrated to have some weight loss benefits. We’ll examine whether that’s true, as well as what side effects the system can produce and the existence of any lawsuits or other controversies.

Xenadrine Slim side effects include things like jitteriness, nausea, headaches, and other ailments often associated with caffeine and stimulants. They also tend to confirm what should be fairly obvious: a company that fails to provide detailed listings of the concentration of its formula ingredients can never hope to demonstrate the type of transparency needed to gain credibility with the public.

Xenadrine Slim reviews vary from glowing to cautious and outright negative. The glowing reviews generally seem so far over the top in their adulation for Xenadrine that they’re hardly to be taken seriously – and certainly not when weighed against the more balanced negative reviews that are out there.

Xenadrine Slim ingredients can be difficult to track down, since the company relies on that “proprietary blend” excuse to avoid providing those details. What we do know is that Lady’s mantle extract, kojmin extract, wild olive extract, and wild min extract are all present. The company even provides a link to a study that seems to support the effectiveness of these ingredients in the area of weight loss. What they fail to mention, however, is that none of the ingredients are present in sufficient enough quantities to match the results of that study.


The original formula included ephedra, which was somewhat effective for fat burning but has since been banned due to safety and health concerns.


Xenadrine pills a hard big pills in a light grey color. If you have some issues about the size of pills it may be difficult to swallow these. There is no information about chewing them.

Side effects may be severe:
  • Heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Tachycardia
  • Psychosis
  • Coma
  • Respiratory depression

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The name Xenadrine has been associated with lawsuits in the past. Under the management of the previous owners, the product was actually the subject of FTC action related to misleading weight loss clams that were made about a previous version of Xenadrine. After a $25 million settlement with the government, the trademarks for the product were sold and the new owners came up with a new formula.

Unfortunately, the new owners include Kerr Investment Holding Corp., which was one of the defendants fined $5.5 million by the FTC for false advertising related to other weight loss products. That’s not the sort of track record that should have consumers feeling confident about the veracity of anything the company claims.

The end result is fairly predictable. The company making this product has a history of dishonesty in its dietary supplement marketing, and thus has not earned the benefit of the doubt in this instance. All we can judge this product by are its claims, its fans’ reviews, and what we are able to learn about the product’s ingredients. Since the claims are specious at best, and the reviews from “users” are too perfect to be believed, we are left with the ingredients.

And there we find no support either, since we would have to know how much of each ingredient is present to accurately judge its effectiveness. Absent that, we are left with only one conclusion: there is no real evidence that this product can cause you to lose anything other than the money you spend on it.

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